jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

Are lastnite's Party people real?

Ben Sherman and Merlin Bronques take to the streets!

If the proclivity of magazines and designers to eschew models for movie stars and musicians for their covers and campaigns is any indication, the world wants to see real people (sorry Stam). Merlin Bronques, the man behind lastnightsparty.com has known this for some time, and now, it looks as though Ben Sherman agrees. Perhaps inspired by the stylish folk that frequent the SoHo store, Ben Sherman’s Dana Dynamite (creative direction), Bronques, and Josh Madden (styling) hit the streets to outfit young, hip kids in the brand’s spring/summer 2008 clothes. The resulting “Ben en Amerique,” is more an art project than a campaign, that focuses on Ben Sherman’s new logo, the plectrum (guitar pick). This month, the photographs are being flyposted around New York City, and in February, will be featured in an exhibition at the Soho store. Are you in there? SG

Check out our favorite shots below!

Entrada por Daniela

See more at myspace.com/bensherman63 and lastnightsparty.com

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